Sid Dickens Memory Blocks T-409 Chess Queen


Following the success of his Freedom Collection, Sid brings us the new Spring 2017 release – “Inspiration.” While the Freedom Collection aspired for harmony and acceptance in our world community, the Inspiration Collection encourages us to first start by reflecting on the experiences in life that make us human.

All events in life – the good and the bad, the heartfelt and the painful – give us an opportunity to reflect and strengthen our connection with others through empathy and emotion. We laugh, we cry – we experience in life in all its forms by simply being human. We have the ability to not only hope and dream, but to also carry out these aspirations through action.

Sid has brought us a collection of pieces inspired by his past works and experiences. Reminiscent of his classics, collectors will recognize Sid’s appreciation for nature, the arts, history, and architecture along with his fascination for gameplay. Collectively, he hopes that these pieces will inspire others to reflect upon what it is that gives them purpose and passion.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Power and intuition;
qualities for the queen to rule the game.
Name: Chess Queen
Collection: 2017 – Spring : Inspiration
Tile #: T409
Price: $98
Status: Available For Purchase
Size: 6×8 in.

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